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Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist (spring)

By March 23, 2018 Guides and Tips

Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist – Spring

Boise, Idaho – After the cold, wet winter season, it is time for warm winds, newly grown flowers and fresh air. It is spring time! As excited as you might be for spring, there are a number of spring home maintenance items you need to check out after the winter season. Here is the list of maintenance tips for spring:


  1. Inspect Your Roof – After heavy snow fall and rain, your roof might take some damage and might not be in tip top shape. This is one of the most important Spring Home Maintenance that you have to check and address immediately. You need to inspect if there are missing shingles or other damage to your roof. Make sure you know how to check it and if your roof is steep make sure to have safety gear like a harness.
  2. Clean the Gutters and Downspouts – Check out the gutters for leaves or other materials that may have clogged it then clean them and make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clean so you can avoid damage.
  3. Check Exterior Walls – Check out the walls if they have cracks or other damage. Whether you have wood siding, stucco or brick, inspect them well especially under eaves and near gutters or downspouts. If you have wood siding, check for openings, any cracks or splinters.
  4. Foundations – Check the foundations from top to bottom. You may also check the Foundation Vents for damage. Spring time is the best time to clean out foundation vents and check screens for damage. Repair any damaged screens, knowing that rats or mice can squeeze through a hole as little as the diameter of a pencil, so you need to be very proactive or rats and mice will be living with you in your home.
  5. Trim Overgrowth – After examining the exterior of the home, it is time to trim those overgrown trees and plants, making them ready to bloom this spring. Keep branches 5 to 7 feet away from your house so they can’t conduct moisture onto your roofing and siding. This will also help discourage explorers like squirrels and rodents going into your attics.
  6. Check AC Unit – Have a professional inspect your AC unit before using it this Spring Season. Making sure it is working properly with no damage or leaks. Is is important to check the AC unit for more comfort in your home.


  1. Chang your furnace filters to prepare for running the AC.
  2. Check Electrical System – Check cords, outlets, because they can be a fire hazard. Inspect the outlets, boxes and extension cords make sure they are not overloaded. Also this is the best time to inspect smoke detectors all over your home. Make sure they are working, replace batteries if needed.
  3. Water heater – Check the water heater for any leaks and corrosion.
  4. Inspect the Attic – Check insulation for moisture and replace as needed.

Photo is owned by Idaho Botanical Garden

Spring Time is a great time to clean, replace and take care of any damage that winter season may cause to our homes. It is also a great time to paint exteriors and take some time in your garden, plant and update the landscape of your home.


This Spring Home Maintenance Tips is brought to you by Key2 Homes.

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