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Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist – Winter

By January 24, 2018Guides and Tips

Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips - Winter

Boise, Idaho – As the seasons change, our homes also undergo changes. They need to be checked for possible maintenance because of the difference in temperature during the seasons.

It is the most wonderful time of the year and while we are enjoying the holiday spirit and renewal of the New Year, our homes are protecting us from cold and snowy days. We need to pay attention to anything that needs maintenance and give our homes TLC, so small issues do not become major problems if not addressed right away.

Winter Season Maintenance Tips:

Winter season is the time to check the interior of your home. List the improvements you need to make like painting, replacing cabinets, kitchen or bathroom updates, as well as basement repairs. During this time it is advisable for you to check and inspect the following:

  1. Signs of Ice Build Up – Snow here in Idaho may range from light to heavy snow fall. If you are not sure of the quality of roof design you have, you should watch out for the signs of an Ice Dam build up. If you see large Icicles hanging from your roof, it may be an early sign of an ice dam, and it is advisable that you check the roof and remove the icicles as soon as possible. If you are continuing to see icicles following their removal and if you also notice them under the overhang, especially on the siding, it is an ultimate sign of an Ice Dam. Call your trusted local Ice Dam removal company very soon.
  2. Electrical Testing – Be careful when checking your electrical system. If you don’t know anything about your electrical system or wiring, you should call a licensed electrician that can check to make sure everything is working properly. Checking you electrical system in the winter is especially important if your heating system is electric and not gas.
  3. Watch out for any loose parts – Inspect door knobs, faucets, handles, racks, lighting fixtures, etc… If you find loose handles in the kitchen, loose shower heads in the bathroom and any loose fixtures, you should take time to fix them before they become hazard to anyone living in the house or your guests.
  4. Clean and look at the basement – The basement is an important part of your home, not just for storage, it is the foundation that holds up your home and should prevent water intrusion under your house. You should check the basement for any repairs at least once a year.

Keeping our homes in the best shape can save us money, time and headache. Addressing any issues at an early stage is good practice and prevents expensive repairs. So, take time as the seasons change to check the signs of needed maintenance you see at your home and educate yourself on how you can resolve the problems as soon as possible.


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