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Paying for Education in Idaho

By July 11, 2017This is Boise

Idaho is home to many unforgettable colleges and universities, including the University of Idaho (Moscow), Boise State University (Boise), and Idaho State University (Pocatello). Idaho’s population is comprised mainly of youth. The vibrant young vibe it brings to the cities where these colleges are located is significantly helpful to the economy and to the community.

Let’s review some facts on how students get in these colleges, and how much are they paying for their studies.


  • Paying for Education in Idaho University of IdahoUniversity of Idaho (Moscow) – The University of Idaho offers 85 Undergraduate courses, 62 Master’s Degrees, and 31 Doctoral Degrees. Admissions for the Spring and Fall are now ongoing. Students have options on tuition fee payments, and they can also apply for financial aid; scholarships, grants, loans and many more. Each year thousands of new students are admitted to The University of Idaho where they can study in the field they choose while enjoying college life with many various activities. Students from different states and different countries meets here to learn, live, lead, and be successful in the career path they choose.




  • Boise State University (Boise) – Located at the heart of Idaho, this university is home of the famous Broncos. Boise State University is home of many Paying for Education in Idaho Boise State University Broncos_fbresearch enterprises in many fields. BSU recently joined a consortium of research universities including Purdue, Rice, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan, and Texas A&M. The purpose of the $5 million foundation-funded effort is to create longterm, hands-on applied research projects that will ensure undergraduate and graduate students get their unprecedented experience tackling real-life problems in real time.


The distinguished Lecture series and world-class entertainment center are only a few of the reasons why Boise State is one of the best schools and why it is chosen by many students all over the world. Boise State University gives students options on tuition fee payment, and also offers financial aid such as scholarships and grants. The population from Fall 2015, in total, was 22,113 students.

  • Paying for Education in Idaho - Idaho State UniversityIdaho State University (Pocatello) – Home of 13,569 students, ISU has 250 programs for certificates, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and master’s degree. There is an average of 15:1 student-teacher ratio, and the tuition fee is $3,478 per semester. Idaho State University is the state’s designated lead institution in health professions. The Idaho State University faculty and students are leading the way in cutting-edge research and innovative solutions in the areas of energy, health professions, nuclear research, teaching, biological sciences pharmacy and many more. Idaho State University offers different options for tuition fee payments, as well as financial aid.


These are the finest 3 campuses in Idaho, and they have the largest student population. These campuses, on average, have tuition fees of $6,000 – $22,000/year (for non Residents) and $7,000/year (for Idaho Residents). The priority of most Idaho residents is sending their children to college, figuring out how they can pay their tuition fee, and giving them a bright future. It is beneficial that the majority of these college campuses offer low tuition fees for Idaho residents, and also offer financial aid that can fund their college courses throughout, if they qualify. Giving the highest quality education and shaping the future leaders of our country is the goal of the colleges and universities here in Idaho, and their future is bright with the programs and trainings offered at every Idaho university.

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