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Living in a Minimalist Home

“Less is More”

Living in a Minimalist Home “Less is More”

In today’s generation, people are always in a hurry and rushing to do everything to the point that sometimes, we forget the most important things in life. Because we have so much to handle, many  homeowners are shifting to a Minimalistic way of living, living with the basics and focusing more on the  important people in our lives.

The mantra of minimalist homeowners is “Less is More.” Modern homeowners appreciate minimalistic design, living with less furniture, very basic appliances – just the ones needed in their homes. Let’s look at the reasons why many homeowners prefer to live in a Minimalist Home. Here are the advantages of “Less is More” living:

  1. Living a Less Stressful Life – the fact that you do not see too much clutter is a huge stress reliever. Minimalist home designs have a place for everything (actually fewer things) in the house, so you know where to everything goes to live in a clutter-free home. If you have a child you can train your kids where to put their toys after playtime, this can help when decluttering and also give your kids the sense of responsibility of taking care of their toys after they play with them.
  2. Clean and Clutter-Free Home Appeal – Photos of homes with less furniture and more free space are impressive. This is what Minimalist Home looks like: white walls with 1 or 2 accent colors, less décor on the walls, and less furniture. Home designers pick fewer decorator selections that appeal the most to the homeowners.
  3. It is more fun to Clean – Because a minimalist home has less furniture, cleaning it will not take you as long. It costs less in time and supplies, no more complicated tools for cleaning. Who does not want an easy clean and clutter free home?
  4. Quality time with your lovedones – Because “Less is More,” having a Minimalist Home can help you focus on the most important things in your life – quality time with your family. Enjoying movie dates with your husband at home or, if you have kids, having quality play time with them will make you feel more relaxed because you are not worried about so many things to do around the house. Just what you need!

Could you live in a Minimalist home? Here’s what it looks like Living in a Minimalist Home: You have minimal furniture, only a few but very essential pieces in your home; Clear surfaces; Clear walls; Organized and Neat kitchen and garage; a place for everything.

Do you want to shift your home into a Minimalist Home? Here are our tips:

  1. One room at a time – Organize your schedule for cleaning, list the things and furniture you need, and plan how you will redecorate each room in the house.
  2. Start with the furniture – Just get what you need, for example in the living room, a sofa, the TV, and a table. A piece or two of your favorite wall décor.
  3. Clear Everything – When I say everything, that means everything! Clear the floors and surfaces for any clutter, carpet, and boxes used for storage, everything you do not need, remove it!
  4. Put all your things in a storage area outside the house – This can help you plan on what to do with the things that you do not need anymore.
  5. Simple window decors – Plain curtains or blinds will do.
  6. Choose plain – Plain wall colors, window treatments, furniture.
  7. Congratulations! – You can now sit back and relax. Enjoy your new Minimalist Home!


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