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Idaho – Your Ski Destination

By December 26, 2017This is Boise
Idaho - Your Ski Destination

Photo Credit to VisitIdaho.org

Idaho is best known for its beautiful mountains. Idaho is one of the most wonderful states for you to visit during the winter season – the beautiful mountains covered with snow are picture perfect scenery. There are Ski Resorts in Idaho that will give you the best experience and the adrenaline rush with the beautiful vistas you are looking for. Here are the top 5 most visited Ski Resorts in Idaho – check them out:


  1. Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness

    – The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness is popular for its summer river rafting in Salmon River Mountains, but the Idaho Mountain does not close during winter. The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness is a top ski destination experience with ski peaks you may never have skied before. The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, 2.3 million acres of wilderness is a home for many wild animals, a habitat for salmon, big horn sheep and mountain goats. This large area is a protected area and many people come here to be close to nature, appreciate and learn how we can take care of it. During the winter season, The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness shows how beautiful winter can be, access to the beautiful wilderness area while you ski down from top of the mountains.

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  1. Schweitzer Mountain

    – Located in Sandpoint, Idaho, Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort is one of the most

    Idaho - Your Ski Destination

    Photo Credit to Schweitzer Mountain Resort Facebook

    popular ski resorts around the country. During winter they have an average of 300” of snowfall, showered in its 2,900 acres of terrain. Enjoy the 92 uncrowded trails – ski with your family and friends. They also have an indoor ski facility and after skiing, you can soak in hot tubs and dine in with the whole family. Schweitzer Mountain has picture perfect scenery that you can take photos of and keep as a remembrance of this year’s ski vacation.

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  1. Idaho - Your Ski Destination

    Photo Credit to BogusBasin.org

    Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area – Bogus Basin is the most accessible Ski park from Downtown Boise, approximately 40 minutes away. Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area has also announced its new feature the Alpine Mountain Coaster, opened just December 22nd in 2017. The Mountain Coaster carts are pulled to the top of the track by an independent lift, then released at the top for an exhilarating ride through the trees. You are in control of your own speed. Seeking an adrenaline rush? Press the levers all the way down for maximum velocity. Do you prefer a scenic ride down the mountain? Pull back on the levers to slow the cart to a desired speed. Experience the Bogus Basin Glade Runner like never before!

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  1. Brundage Mountain Resort – Located in the winter wonderland – McCall, Idaho. Brundage Mountain has the
    Idaho - Your Ski Destination

    Photo Credit to Brundage Mountain Resort Facebook

    best snow during the winter season, the quality and quantity of snow in Brundage Mountains are great for skiing. They have four trails to take on the adventure: 1. Frontside 2. Backside 3. Base 4. Backcountry. Find the best trail for you, and for beginners they have Lessons by age group. Learn and experience the adrenaline rush of zooming down the mountains.

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  1. Idaho - Your Ski Destination

    Photo Credit to Sun Valley Resort Facebook

    Sun Valley Resort – America’s First Mountain Destination, The Sun Valley Resort was founded year 1936. It is the first destination winter resort in United States. The Bald Mountain and its surrounding mountains make it a perfect destination for winter sports. It has adequate snowfall, abundant sunshine, moderate elevation and the absence of the wind. That is why; Sun Valley Resort has become such a sought-after winter mountain destination. Sun Valley Resort gives skiers the best experience to enjoy the winter with many events at the Resort. Excellent service and accommodations with world-class food can also be expected at the Sun Valley Resort. The Sun Valley Resort lets you experience the magic of the Holiday Season on their slopes and tracks that will give you the Adrenaline Rush. After enjoying the slopes, you can have lunch or dinner and spa treatments before resting. A truly memorable holiday destination.

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This winter season we hope you can visit one of our Ski Resorts, and we will make sure you will have the best Ski Experience. Happy Holidays!

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