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Boise Neighborhood Planning

  • Neighborhood planning is a collaboration between the City and Neighborhood Associations to guide the future of Boise’s growth and infrastructure. Boise uses its Geographic Area Planning (GAP) program that assigns City Planners to specific neighborhoods so they are familiar with the unique issues facing each area.
  • Planners help neighborhoods understand development applications, interpret Blueprint Boise(the City’s Comprehensive Plan), develop neighborhood plans and prepare Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant applications. They also participate in National Night Out, annual meetings and other neighborhood events.

Every Neighborhood has its own planning map. An example is the Neighborhood plan for the new construction of 30th Street Extension.  This construction will improve access to the new parks (WhiteWater Park) and eases traffic between State Street and the connector. The road is only one part of a bigger 30th Street Master Plan. It will be a 5-lane road that will connect Fairview Avenue on the South and the State Street on the North. It will have curved gutters, sidewalks and bike lanes and it will have a roundabout at Stuart Avenue which is the entrance to Esther Simplot Park.  This construction will ease in the traffic at 27th.


30th Street Extension Plan

This is one example of how Boise and the Neighborhood Associations look at the future of their neighborhoods.

The Goal of Boise City Planning and Zoning is to secure the future of each of the Neighborhoods in Boise by having a guide when building new homes, parks or construction in the area. It also achieves the preservation of the characteristics of each Neighborhood and to encourage future developments to recognize the uniqueness of each and to be consistent with the overall character of the area.

For the complete list of Neighborhood Plans, visit the City of Boise Website.


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