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Canyon and Ada County Idaho Market Snapshot for September2017

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Despite rising home prices, today’s housing market doesn’t have much else in common with the market we saw prior to the recession. The Boise Region’s housing market is being driven by real home buyer demand, not speculation, which was common a decade ago. And as we’ve mentioned before, the increase in demand and lack of inventory has pushed up home prices.

Canyon and Ada County Idaho Market Snapshot for September2017Canyon and Ada County Idaho Market Snapshot for September2017

Read the Full Idaho Real Estate Market Report for September 2017

Canyon and Ada County Idaho Market Snapshot for August 2017

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Ada County Home Prices Reach New Record in August While the Pace of Growth Steadies


Three main factors continue to drive housing demand in Ada County — increased economic development, limited housing supply, and a growing population — resulting in a record high median sales price in August 2017 of $278,000, up 9.6% from a year ago.

Yet while the actual median sales price continues trending upwards, the rate at which it does so has been slowing down. Think of it like driving your car up a hill: as the road gets steeper, the speed at which you drive decreases. You’re still gaining ground, just not as quickly.

ADA County Idaho Real Estate Market Report August 2017Canyon County is experiencing the same slowing price growth. From January 2012 to December 2014, the average monthly, year-over-year median sales price increase was 18.9%, compared to the average for January 2015 to August 2017 of 10.5%. The actual median sales price in Canyon County for August 2017 was not a new record, but it was up 11.0% from August 2016 to $183,000.

CANYON County Idaho Real Estate Market Report August 2017

Read the FULL REPORT Here

Living the Life in Eagle Idaho

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Visit Eagle Idaho

Photo Credit to Eagle Idaho Facebook Page

Eagle Idaho, with a population of 20,396, is one of the popular emerging suburbs in the Boise Metropolitan Area. The comfortable vibe of Eagle attracts many visitors to call it home. The setting of Eagle Idaho is undeniably beautiful; the foothills in the north, the Boise River, and a tree lined greenbelt. All of these are just steps away and available for you to enjoy while experiencing nature.

Visit Eagle Idaho

Photo Credit to Eagle Idaho Facebook Page

An upscale community with well-designed neighborhoods, mid to high-end homes, great schools, and new local commercial development all make Eagle a perfect place to live. Another enticing aspect of Eagle Idaho is that it’s peaceful; the combination of both outdoor beauty and outdoor activity are available for you and your family to enjoy. Eagle Idaho is a great place to grow up, it has a unique, well-designed neighborhood, and a simple, peaceful, and loving community. Eagle Idaho is only a 10 to 15 minute drive to downtown Boise. Enjoy all four seasons throughout the year, from the beautiful changing of colors to the blooming of gorgeous flowers. It has great weather all year round, the warmest month is July, which is excellent weather for outdoor activities. Eagle also receives a respectable amount of snowfall during the winter season. The snow encourages all to come outside and do things such as build a snowman or have a snowball fight.

The City of Eagle ensures that everyone complies with the Planning and Zoning rules that retain the character the communities have had since the beginning and keep the neighborhoods vibrant. The mayor and his hardworking staff establish a favorable quality of life for every citizen of Eagle. Caring for the environment is also a community effort that is largely supported by The City of Eagle. The City along with The City Council work tirelessly with the community through meetings about issues and future plans within the City. This is a superb way for the community to have a voice regarding every issue, to form opinions, and to make suggestions for the future of Eagle Idaho.

Here is a list of the most popular activities you can enjoy while visiting Eagle Idaho:

  1. Enjoy the local sports such as;Visit Eagle Idaho
    1. Boise State Bronco football.
    2. NBA development league Idaho Stampede basketball.
    3. MLB minor league Boise Hawks baseball.
  2. Go Fishing in the Boise River
  3. Go Hiking in the foothills
  4. Bike in the Eagle bike park
  5. Go Skiing at Bogus Basin ski resort


Eagle truly is a marvelous place to live, work, and enjoy your time in Idaho. If you are looking to visit or you need assistance moving to Eagle Idaho, CALL ME! Deslyn O’Dell (208) 941-7647.

Back to School Preparations

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Boise, Idaho – Our kids are heading back to school. How can we help them prepare themselves for another challenging school year?

During vacation, younger kids are very busy playing and other fun outdoor activities, so they have the tendency to be in vacation mode when the school year begins. Here are some tips on how we can help them be ready for the start of school year:

  1. We can help them getting them into their school routine as soon as possible – like getting to bed earlier and avoiding late night movies or gadget usage.
  2. Help them by reading books and engaging them with fun learning activities that challenge their brains.
  3. Involve them in buying school supplies so the excitement of going back to school will be on their mind, let them choose the kind of notebooks and clothes they need for school.
  4. Also involve them in planning the meals that they will bring to school, remind them to always choose healthy meals if they will be buying food at the cafeteria.
  5. Always encourage them.

Education is very important and that’s why in Idaho the quality of Education is a priority from the beginning of a child’s school life through college.

The Idaho Education System aims to provide academic excellence to all the kids enrolled in public schools. In Idaho we have 736 public schools, serving 289,884 students. Idaho is the 40th largest school system in the United States. There are 8 Blue Ribbon Schools, 20 magnet schools and 17 special education schools.

In Idaho there are both private and public schools, the main difference between the two is the source of their funds. Public schools are funded by local, state or the federal government while private schools are generally funded by the tuition fees paid by the students. There are 4 types of public schools:

  1. Traditional public
  2. Magnet School – These are schools that specialize in a particular area such as science, technology, foreign language or arts.
  3. Charter School – A hybrid between public and private school.
  4. Online School – The newest option in public school education. It has the same requirements as traditional public school but students attend class online instead of going to a school building.

There are many options a parent can consider in their child’s education, it is important to listen to your kids on what type of school they want to be in and also observe in which areas they excel and decide what can be the best option for them. It is Back-to-School and all kids are excited to be in school and to learn and have fun with their friends and teachers!

Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist (Summer)

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Boise Idaho Outdoor Living Space

Phto credit to Houzz.com

Boise, Idaho – It is Summer Time! Before the school season starts again, check your home first for Summer Maintenance routine you need to do. Summer is a great time to focus on upgrading and maintaining the exterior of your home, as well as your lawn and garden. It is also the perfect time to let the sunlight in the house, open those windows and garage doors to utilize the daylight and work on that project you are wanting to do all year long. Here are some tips on what to check during the Summer Season:

  1. Check grout in bathrooms, kitchen and other parts of the house if it needs repair. This will preserve the beautiful looks of your tiled surfaces and will prolong the useful life.
  2. Plumbing – Inspect and clean plumbing fixtures. Check faucets and toilets all around the house, as well as exterior hose bibs or other landscaping plumbing.
  3. Insect Problems – Summer is a fun time as well for the insects in your house. Clean and inspect places where insects may hide and call on a professional exterminator if you need help controlling ants, spiders or wasps.
  4. Deck/Patio – Clean your deck and patio and look for areas that need repairs. Wash it thoroughly and clean it properly so you can see where any resurfacing is required, then re-seal as necessary.
  5. Windows – Clean out window wells of debris. If you have a basement, don’t forget to check the window wells to remove any leaves, trash or dirt.
  6. Check Dryer Vent, Exhaust Vents to the exterior of the home. Check the dryer by running it and see that the exhaust is coming out, it should smell like fresh laundry. If there isn’t enough exhaust check for blockages. You might also want to call a professional for help.
  7. Garage – Summer time is garage cleaning time. Set the date and start de-cluttering the garage, check off what you need to do every day – including putting away things that are used infrequently, and let go of the things that you don’t need.

Summer time is fun time with friends and family. It is time to go out have fun and experience adventures! Enjoy the Summer!

Canyon and Ada County Idaho Market Snapshot for July 2017

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Ada and Canyon County Housing Inventory Down for 34 Consecutive Months


Inventory of existing homes in Ada County was at 1,702 in October 2014 and 1,238 in July 2017, a decrease of 27.3%. In comparison, there were 628 pending sales in October 2014 versus 1,078 in July 2017, an increase of 71.7%. Pending sales are homes under contract that should close within 30-90 days.

Looking at months supply of existing inventory — which takes the number of homes for sale divided by the average number of sales by month — there were 3.2 months in October 2014 in Ada County to 1.4 months in July 2017, a drop of 56.3%. (A balanced market—not favoring buyers or sellers—is typically between 4-6 months supply of inventory.)

Read More…


Canyon and Ada County Idaho Market Snapshot for July 2017Canyon and Ada County Idaho Market Snapshot for July 2017

Sustainable Living: A Vision for Boise Idaho

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“Making Boise the most livable city in the country”

A vision that Boise City Councilwomen Lauren McLean and Sara Arkle, (Community conservation associate with ICL), have had for years now is slowly taking steps to meet the Goal of making Boise the most livable city in the country. But what does “the most livable city” really mean?  “Being the most livable city means having a strong economy with equal opportunity for everyone. It’s about having a place where we love to live, clean air and a clean river, walking the hills with our families, and building strong neighborhoods.” Said McLean.

Boise City council is dedicated to creating a road map for Boise’s next 150 years. The city council makes great effort towards integrating sustainability in all the projects the city is building. McLean once stated, “Equally important is that the city of Boise should be providing its citizens with the tools to do the same. And when we remind ourselves what a great place this is to live, we’re telling the world the same and it ultimately impacts our ability to attract and retain the best and the brightest.”

The city of Boise, primarily through its Public Works Department, has already either instituted or proposed dozens of sustainability initiatives. A few examples are; the conversion of nearly 2,100 streetlights to LED technology, saving $65,000 annually, retrofitting public buildings with low-flow or automatic water fixtures, introducing solar technology to trigger an irrigation controller in Ann Morrison Park, implementing an anti-idling program, and perhaps most successfully, initiating Curb It, the city’s curbside recycling program.

This year the city council has unveiled 2 new publication highlighting livability initiatives. As their commitment to make Boise the most livable city in the country, the 47-page Livability Report and the LIV Boise Website were launched. These two publications focus on sustainable policies, practices, and partnerships in 3 strategic focus areas: Lasting Environments, Innovative Enterprises, and Vibrant communities. These publications will make the people of Boise aware that the city is on track to meet the goals they have for sustainability and how they are making it a reality. The 47-page livability report explains all the details of the City Council’s attempt to making Boise the most livable city in the country. The LIV provides all the information you need about the projects put in place to work towards the Goal of making Boise a sustainable city.

There are many efforts, not just from the city government, but from non-profit organizations that are working hand-in-hand with the city. These include schools, businesses, and other establishments that believe in the City’s Vision.

The City Council is working to give Boiseans a lasting, innovative, and vibrant community and I can’t wait to see what the future looks like in Boise, Idaho!


Paying for Education in Idaho

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Idaho is home to many unforgettable colleges and universities, including the University of Idaho (Moscow), Boise State University (Boise), and Idaho State University (Pocatello). Idaho’s population is comprised mainly of youth. The vibrant young vibe it brings to the cities where these colleges are located is significantly helpful to the economy and to the community.

Let’s review some facts on how students get in these colleges, and how much are they paying for their studies.


  • Paying for Education in Idaho University of IdahoUniversity of Idaho (Moscow) – The University of Idaho offers 85 Undergraduate courses, 62 Master’s Degrees, and 31 Doctoral Degrees. Admissions for the Spring and Fall are now ongoing. Students have options on tuition fee payments, and they can also apply for financial aid; scholarships, grants, loans and many more. Each year thousands of new students are admitted to The University of Idaho where they can study in the field they choose while enjoying college life with many various activities. Students from different states and different countries meets here to learn, live, lead, and be successful in the career path they choose.




  • Boise State University (Boise) – Located at the heart of Idaho, this university is home of the famous Broncos. Boise State University is home of many Paying for Education in Idaho Boise State University Broncos_fbresearch enterprises in many fields. BSU recently joined a consortium of research universities including Purdue, Rice, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan, and Texas A&M. The purpose of the $5 million foundation-funded effort is to create longterm, hands-on applied research projects that will ensure undergraduate and graduate students get their unprecedented experience tackling real-life problems in real time.


The distinguished Lecture series and world-class entertainment center are only a few of the reasons why Boise State is one of the best schools and why it is chosen by many students all over the world. Boise State University gives students options on tuition fee payment, and also offers financial aid such as scholarships and grants. The population from Fall 2015, in total, was 22,113 students.

  • Paying for Education in Idaho - Idaho State UniversityIdaho State University (Pocatello) – Home of 13,569 students, ISU has 250 programs for certificates, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and master’s degree. There is an average of 15:1 student-teacher ratio, and the tuition fee is $3,478 per semester. Idaho State University is the state’s designated lead institution in health professions. The Idaho State University faculty and students are leading the way in cutting-edge research and innovative solutions in the areas of energy, health professions, nuclear research, teaching, biological sciences pharmacy and many more. Idaho State University offers different options for tuition fee payments, as well as financial aid.


These are the finest 3 campuses in Idaho, and they have the largest student population. These campuses, on average, have tuition fees of $6,000 – $22,000/year (for non Residents) and $7,000/year (for Idaho Residents). The priority of most Idaho residents is sending their children to college, figuring out how they can pay their tuition fee, and giving them a bright future. It is beneficial that the majority of these college campuses offer low tuition fees for Idaho residents, and also offer financial aid that can fund their college courses throughout, if they qualify. Giving the highest quality education and shaping the future leaders of our country is the goal of the colleges and universities here in Idaho, and their future is bright with the programs and trainings offered at every Idaho university.

If you are a student and looking for a house to live in while you study, please call Deslyn O’Dell today (208) 941-7647, for all your real estate needs.



Boise Idaho Outdoor Living Space

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Boise, Idaho – Living in Boise is an amazing experience because you can feel nature so close to you; looking at the mountains, feeling the fresh air from the trees, and seeing the colorful flowers around the city. All of which give a fresh relaxing feeling that every person on this planet deserves. Boise homes aren’t complete without an Outdoor Living space. How can you enjoy the Boise Mountains and fresh air if you can’t spend time with family and friends outside your home? It’s a must! Boise has a lot of great Outdoor Living spaces from the newly constructed homes to the newly renovated homes. An Outdoor Living space is an excellent addition to your home, and will add to its value. A study from the National Association of Realtors shows that more than half of the people surveyed would pay a premium for a home with an outdoor living space.

Adding proportional outdoor space to your yard is a resourceful and beneficial move. Adding appliances such as a grill, an outdoor kitchen with a sink, countertops, storage spaces, and a refrigerator will vastly improve your living space. Adding an Outdoor Living Space can be pricey, so depending on your budget and your goal for it, you can plan with your contractor on how to achieve your objective based on your financial ability.

You should always consider your privacy when constructing an Outdoor Living Space. You may want to check your fences; if neighbors can see you in your Outdoor Living Space you can make it a more private gathering area for you, your friends, and family. There are a lot of great Outdoor Living Spaces here in Boise, Idaho, where you can enjoy Boise’s undeniable beauty.

Looking to purchase your first home or want to upgrade to a bigger home in Boise or in the Treasure Valley? Call Deslyn O’Dell Today! (208) 941-7647 and she will help you find the perfect home.

Canyon and Ada County Idaho Market Snapshot for June 2017

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June’s market data is indicating a more balanced new construction market in Canyon County, at 4.4 months of supply, an increase of 4.8% from last year. Also, buyers who prefer an existing home may have more luck in Canyon County, especially if they’re looking to purchase at $300,000 or above.

Ada County’s inventory for both existing and new lags behind demand in all price points, with a few exceptions: existing or new construction homes priced over $700,000, and at least in June 2017, new construction priced $160-$199,999, primarily in Kuna and Garden City.

Median Sales Price is the price at which half the homes sold for more, and half sold for less. Because more newly constructed homes are selling at higher price points, it’s bringing up the overall median price in both counties.


Take a look at the numbers:


Canyon and Ada County Idaho Market Snapshot for June 2017Canyon and Ada County Idaho Market Snapshot for June 2017