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Canyon and Ada County Market Snapshot for March 2017

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“As of March 2017, the median sales price for existing homes in Ada County was up 8.4% year-over-year, reaching $233,000. While this was an increase of 5.5% over February 2017, the previous high point was in June 2016 at $239,900.

In Canyon County, the median sales price for existing homes reached $164,700, up 10.2% compared to March 2016, and up 4.8% over February 2017. The previous high point was in July 2016 when the median sales price of existing homes reached $160,450.”

Canyon and Ada County Market Snapshot for March 2017Canyon and Ada County Market Snapshot for March 2017

Crown Moldings: Yes or No?

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Crown Moldings: Yes or No?

Boise, Idaho – Crown Molding is one of the architectural features that can add value to your home. It is designed to gracefully improve a traditional look to hallways, living areas, kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. It gives a great visual presence to a home. Crown molding will join the wall and the ceiling, concealing the plain right-handed intersection, providing a pleasant appearance. Homes with crown molding make a better impression than the homes that don’t have it. In addition to capping walls and pilasters, crown molding may be used for cabinets, and extensively in creating a design in home interiors and exteriors. Crown Molding comes in different sizes and different styles. It depends on the design you want or the kind of character you want to design your home.

Types of Crown Moldings:

  1. Hardwoods – For a complete, finished look, natural wood is a traditional material and hardwoods like oak and mahogany stain beautifully. Natural wood will add color and warmth to the room.
  2. Softwoods – such as pine or aspen, are often a cheaper alternative than high-grade solid wood moldings due to greater availability of the trees. Easier to cut and an excellent choice for moldings that will be painted.
  3. MDF – Crown molding made of MDF, Medium Density Fiberboard (a wood based composite material). It’s inexpensive, easy to cut and resistant to warping and can be painted with high quality oil or latex paint.
  4. Polyurethane – This kind of crown molding is resistant to weather, scratching and erosion, making it one of the most durable types of crown molding. However, it is generally manufactured in white and will not hold paint, so it is not for those moldings that need to be painted.
  5. Flexible – Flexible crown molding is used for different shapes usually curved doorways or window. This type of molding won’t break or split, thus making it easy to decorate around curved windows and doorways.
  6. Aluminium, Copper & Steel – This type of crown molding is often used in exteriors. It is used for inside and outside corners that eliminate miter cuts, making installation easy. It is easy to cut with steel cutting saw blades and installs like traditional crown molding. It may also be used in kitchens, workshops, garage and offices.

Whether you want to use crown molding inside or outside for decorative purposes, it is important to choose the right type of crown molding to achieve that fantastic finished look.

Selling Your House in Boise Idaho – The Home Selling Process

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Selling Your House in Boise IdahoBoise, Idaho Selling Your House can be a difficult decision and may be a complicated process. Whether you are selling an empty house or moving to a new location, selling Your House in Idaho could be intimidating for some if they are not familiar with the process. In this article we’re going to give you the details of Selling Your House in Idaho, so you will feel more comfortable with the process.

  1. When you are thinking of Selling Your House in Idaho, here are the options to consider and each one of them has pros and cons.
    1. Listing with a Real Estate Agent – Some Home Sellers choose to list their homes on the MLS with a professional, licensed Real Estate Agent. This will make the process a lot easier for the home sellers as the Real Estate Agent will do all the work to Sell Your House. This may be convenient but it may take time and it is not a guarantee that your house will be sold. It is a waiting game when you are listing your House with an agent, depending on what is happening in your local housing market.
    2. Selling Your House in Boise to a Real Estate Investor – This process is pretty simple compared to Selling Your House in Boise with a Real Estate Agent because in this option, you will work out a mutually beneficial deal with the investor. Most likely they will buy the house as-is with no repair costs or cleaning, but it might be a little lower than what you expected to get for your property. This happens because the Real Estate Investor takes on all the risk of completing any needed repairs and upgrades, handles all the paperwork to be able to get it in condition to sell it to the new homeowners.
    3. Selling Your House on Your Own – This is a possible option and if you choose to sell it yourself, you must take on the responsibility for negotiating with potential buyers, handling all the paperwork to legally transfer the property, and know all the possible situations that could occur in the Home Selling Process.
  2. After reviewing your options and deciding on what process you would like to Sell Your House, you’ll need to work out an Agreement Contract to legally sell your property in Idaho. Here are some tips to help you be one step ahead:
    1. Search for homes that are recently sold in your neighborhood. Go to Real Estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com to find recently sold homes to give you an idea on how much your house may be worth. Remember to look at the most similar criteria possible to your own house, like number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, lot size and other features of your house, like basements or fireplaces or RV parking.
    2. Disclose anything you know that might be a potential problem during the Home Selling process, especially any damage or maintenance issues that you know about. You should also note any recent repairs that have been done.
  3. The Agreement or Contract – After deciding on which of the options in number 1 you would like to use for selling your home, you should be prepared to review all contracts and documents that you need to sign to legally transfer your ownership while Selling Your House. When you receive an offer, you may not always accept it at first. Home Buyers might first offer a low price, which you can choose to negotiate with the Buyer and respond with a counter offer. After you agreed to or negotiated an acceptable offer, the purchase agreement or contract should be signed by both parties to make it legally binding.
  4. Closing the Deal – After all the paperwork is done, the transaction should be closed by a reputable title company who will make sure the buyer or buyers sign all the required documents and the home seller (you) will also sign the required documents, then turn over the keys to the new Home Owner.

This is the general process of Selling Your House in Boise Idaho. If you need any help in Selling Your House, don’t be afraid to call us, we will help you with your situation in the best way possible. Our company specializes in solving real estate problems and we can help correct almost any financial situation at no cost to you! Call Us Today at (208) 254-2002!

Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist (spring)

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Boise Idaho Home For Sale

Boise, Idaho – After the cold, wet winter season, it is time for warm winds, newly grown flowers and fresh air. It is spring time! As excited as you might be for spring, there are a number of spring home maintenance items you need to check out after the winter season. Here is the list of maintenance tips for spring:


  1. Inspect Your Roof – After heavy snow fall and rain, your roof might take some damage and might not be in tip top shape. This is one of the most important Spring Home Maintenance that you have to check and address immediately. You need to inspect if there are missing shingles or other damage to your roof. Make sure you know how to check it and if your roof is steep make sure to have safety gear like a harness.
  2. Clean the Gutters and Downspouts – Check out the gutters for leaves or other materials that may have clogged it then clean them and make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clean so you can avoid damage.
  3. Check Exterior Walls – Check out the walls if they have cracks or other damage. Whether you have wood siding, stucco or brick, inspect them well especially under eaves and near gutters or downspouts. If you have wood siding, check for openings, any cracks or splinters.
  4. Foundations – Check the foundations from top to bottom. You may also check the Foundation Vents for damage. Spring time is the best time to clean out foundation vents and check screens for damage. Repair any damaged screens, knowing that rats or mice can squeeze through a hole as little as the diameter of a pencil, so you need to be very proactive or rats and mice will be living with you in your home.
  5. Trim Overgrowth – After examining the exterior of the home, it is time to trim those overgrown trees and plants, making them ready to bloom this spring. Keep branches 5 to 7 feet away from your house so they can’t conduct moisture onto your roofing and siding. This will also help discourage explorers like squirrels and rodents going into your attics.
  6. Check AC Unit – Have a professional inspect your AC unit before using it this Spring Season. Making sure it is working properly with no damage or leaks. Is is important to check the AC unit for more comfort in your home.


  1. Chang your furnace filters to prepare for running the AC.
  2. Check Electrical System – Check cords, outlets, because they can be a fire hazard. Inspect the outlets, boxes and extension cords make sure they are not overloaded. Also this is the best time to inspect smoke detectors all over your home. Make sure they are working, replace batteries if needed.
  3. Water heater – Check the water heater for any leaks and corrosion.
  4. Inspect the Attic – Check insulation for moisture and replace as needed.

Photo is owned by Idaho Botanical Garden

Spring Time is a great time to clean, replace and take care of any damage that winter season may cause to our homes. It is also a great time to paint exteriors and take some time in your garden, plant and update the landscape of your home.


This Spring Home Maintenance Tips is brought to you by Key2 Homes.

Springtime in Boise Idaho

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Springtime in Boise Idaho

Photo Credit to Idaho Botanical Garden

Happy beginning of Spring! This season reminds us of fresh beginnings, you can see new life all around, flowers are just starting to bloom and green grasses are showing up everywhere. Springtime is the season for new beginnings and cleaning out the old stuff you have, as the saying goes “Get rid of the old and make room for the new.”

Springtime in Boise, Idaho, is an exciting season because all Idahoans are looking forward to all the activities outdoors after the cold winter. Springtime in Boise Idaho means it is time to go out and have fun! We have tons of activities lined up for this coming spring. Idaho Parks and Recreation has a full list of all the parks and activities to enjoy this Spring. Here are the top 5 activities you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Camping – Call or book online for camping reservations. This is a requirement by Idaho State Parks for people who are interested in staying at the park. There are also rules and regulations while you are inside the park, please review them here. Experience nature and relax, have fun and experience the camp life in Idaho Parks.
  2. White Water Rafting – Feel the adrenaline rush of white water rafting! Idaho State Park also offers free boating classes for interested visitors who want to experience the white water adrenaline rush. Boise River Park is one of the favorite places to do white water rafting! You can also enjoy paddling and surfing on the white water park in Boise river park.
  3. Fishing – Love to have a day out in the river fishing? Idaho offers excellent fishing opportunities for everyone in the family. Species you can catch on the river are Chinook, Salmon, Steelhead or Trout. Most parks offer overnight camping and accommodations. Bring your family and friends and enjoy fishing and having a day with nature.
  4. Biking – Springtime in Boise Idaho is the great time to spend outdoors and biking is one of the activities most Boiseans enjoy during Spring. Enjoy trails for mountain bikers and there are also trails for road bikers, be fit and enjoy the beauty of Idaho at the same time while riding your bike.
  5. ATV/Motorcycles – ATV adventurers will be pleased with the Idaho Parks’ offering. It is a must that you are educated and legal before you take to the trail on your off-highway vehicle. Safety is the first priority of Park officials. Enjoy the tracks and enjoy riding on your favorite ATV parks here in Idaho.

Aside from the adventurer’s list, we can also enjoy nature by walking in the trails of the Boise Greenbelt and visiting the Idaho botanical garden where you can see all the different kind of plants and flowers that are inside the garden. Happy Springtime and Let’s Enjoy the Outdoors!


Deslyn O’Dell, a principal in Key2 Homes, LLC is a licensed Real Estate Agent for Boise Premier Real Estate.


The Drivers of Luxury Rentals

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The Drivers of Luxury RentalsBoise, Idaho – The construction of new apartment buildings in Boise Neighborhoods is very evident. Downtown Boise is busy with the new buildings going up that are mostly apartment buildings for luxury rentals and hotels. The booming economy of the Treasure Valley, including Boise is the main reason for new businesses coming to the area especially in Downtown Boise. You will notice at least 2 new apartment buildings being constructed in Downtown Boise alone!

These apartment buildings will likely be occupied by Millennials and Baby Boomers that chooses to rent than buy a home. Most of these rentals are high-end, luxury rentals. Luxury Rentals rates range on average from $700 -Lux$1200 per month for the apartments you can find in the heart of everything, schools, workplace, restaurants, shopping, hospitals, and many more establishments.

What makes Millennials and Baby Boomers choose to rent rather than buy a house? For Baby Boomers, it is flexibility and convenience that makes them rent. Most of the people born after World War II (1945 to early 1960s) are now ready to downsize and are not really interested in maintaining a home that needs a lot of work. They see renting as more a flexible, more convenient way to live and enjoy their lives. Aside from these reasons, they find renting more inexpensive and are looking to invest their money in businesses to make profit and add to their retirement fund.

Millennials want to rent cool apartments, live in the city nearby everything they need and walk to, especially coffee shops and restaurants. This is the young vibe they are looking for. Millennials who are single and have a career want to enjoy the time of their single lives with friends and love hanging out together. As some research shows, many Millennials who are ready to settle down and start their families are eager to have a house they can call home. Most of these are working professionals starting a new chapter in their life, and they want to make this new chapter memorable by purchasing their first home.

Both of these generations, the Baby Boomers and the Millennials are driving the rental market crazy, but they are also driving the home buying market to have more inventory because they want to own a home too!

Treasure Valley Real Estate is on the rise because of the home buying generation. The low inventory is one of the reasons why the market is really hot in here! If you are thinking about purchasing your first home or want to upgrade to a bigger home in the Treasure Valley Idaho, Call Deslyn O’Dell Today! (208) 941-7647 and I will help you find the perfect home.

2016 Residential Real Estate Market Report

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2016 Residential Real Estate Market ReportBoise, Idaho – Here is the 2016 annual report from Boise Regional REALTORS. The Median Sales prices rose again for Residential Real Estate for another record. Home prices rose last year and caused some to think that we may be in another Real Estate Bubble; however, the reasons for the price increases relieve the immediate concern because of a stronger local economy and more regulated credit. We saw a very competitive market in 2016 with very low inventory numbers. Inventory is down 28.8% in Ada County since 2012, which pushed the median sales price up 40.0%. The same report for Canyon County where prices rose and inventory fell between 2006 and March 2012. Since then, inventory is down 11.5%.

The demand for housing are driven by these three factors:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Inventory Pressures
  3. New residents moving into the Boise Region

For 2017, the population of the Boise Region is expected to grow because of people coming to this area to live. We have a strong employment outlook for highly skilled individuals. Inventory is really needed, especially for homes priced below $250,000. The low inventory is the primary factor for many first-time home buyers to delay buying a home. Very few homes available means reduced choices for home buyers.

For the full report, visit the boiserealtors.com

How to Handle Flooding after Winter in Boise Idaho

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Boise FloodingPhoto credit to KTVB.COM

Boise, Idaho – winter this year provided an overly generous amount of snow and as expected, when the snow melts we’ll have lots of water to deal with and this year we will potentially have more flooding than before. A few days of melting snow creates flooding in neighborhoods with no way for the water to get out to the storm drains. ACHD (Ada County Highway District) is the department responsible for keeping the road safe during winter. They make sure all highways and neighborhood roads are free from ice and have personnel monitoring street snow so they can respond to heavy snowfall during the winter to also prevent flooding when it melts. During this season most of the snow is melting and ACHD is acting quick to respond to neighborhoods reporting any flooding. Here are some of their tips to make sure your front yard won’t be flooded and get into your home.

  1. Plow snow into your front yard out to the street so that ACHD can clear them more quickly.
  2. Know the map of drain locations in your neighborhood. Make sure there is a clear path to the drains so that water can flow freely. If you see any blockage, you can clear it to be a big help to the community. If you cannot remove it contact ACHD.
  3. If water is already in your yard, you can put sand bags to prevent it from entering your home. Ada County is providing sand and bags for residents (10 sand bags per household). Residents need to fill their own bags and provide their own shovels. Click here for the details.
  4. If your basement or crawl spaces are already flooded, call your trusted cleaning company to help you save your home from more damage.

During this time of the year, the snow quickly melts and that can cause flooding. Be very watchful as your home structure may be at stake once flood waters enter your home. Prepare your home during flooding season and make sure the water will not get into your house.

The Hardwood Trend

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Boise, Idaho – Hardwood floors are attractive features of a home. Aside from good looks, they provide benefits during seasonal temperature changes. Do you know builders use different kinds of hardwood materials on your flooring? Sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish which is which, so let me shed some light on this.

Traditional hardwood floors are typically solid planks of woods. A Solid Hardwood floor may add the warmth and character of a home, but with extreme temperature conditions it reacts and some damage may soon be visible. That’s why manufacturers recommend this type of hardwood floors to be installed indoors with a stable, maintained environment.

But with technology and the creation of engineered hardwood floors, hardwoods can be everywhere. Engineered hardwood is comprised of several wood layers that can have the same look as the solid wood. Why Engineered Wood Flooring? Engineered Hardwood Floors are more resistant to temperature changes and are much more durable. These floors are also made of wood, but with layers that have been bonded together under heat and pressure treatments, and a top layer of actual hardwood that gives the same look. Engineered hardwood floors are also more affordable and more available in the market. Longer and wider hardwood planks are hard to find in solid hardwood, but can be easily found in a variety of engineered wood flooring selections. Engineered hardwood is versatile and easy to install.

Other common flooring material you will find is Laminate flooring. Laminate is made up of photographic images so it may not always look like real solid hardwood flooring. Laminate Flooring has a lot of textures and comes in different colors. Laminate flooring materials are cheaper than competing flooring materials and is generally the easiest to install, so you can save more on labor costs.

Whichever of these three – Solid Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood and Laminate Flooring you want to use, it is the comfort you feel and how it fits your budget that determines what you will choose for flooring in your home. Always consider the factors such as temperature inside your home, the cost, and the installation process of each.