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The Beginnings of Boise Idaho

By April 19, 2018 This is Boise

White Water Rafting Boise River ParkBoise, Idaho – Boise is the capital and the most populated city in Idaho. Located on the Boise River, it is also part of The Boise Metropolitan Area. Boise has his rich history, the beginnings of Boise started in 1820’s, one version say that Boise’s Beginnings started when Capt. Bonneville of US Army was trekking for weeks in a dry and rough terrain and his crew explored and overlooked at the Boise River Valley and a French Guide, amazed by the sight yelled “Le bois! Le bois!” which means “The wood, the wood!” and there they accounted the name of Boise. (from Wikipedia.com)

Long before the established of Fort Boise, this area was already named Boise. The original Fort Boise was 40 miles west, down the Boise River near Snake River at the Oregon Border. The private sector defense was erected by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1830’s. It was abandoned in 1850’s, but massacre along the Oregon trail prompted the US Army to re-establish a fort in the area in 1863 during the US Civil War. The new location was strategically selected because of major roads connect the Boise Basin (Idaho City) and the Owyhee (Silver City) mining.

During the mid-1860’s Idaho City was the largest city in the Northwest, and a staging area, Fort Boise boomed and Boise was incorporated as a city in 1863. The first capital of Idaho was Lewiston and replaced by Boise in 1865.

Boise’s historic beginnings has a big influence of what it is today. How people value the nature and how they treat each other on this beautiful city. Boise Idaho is one of the West’s most dynamic city, because of many reasons, the well-balanced lifestyle people in Boise love, the opportunity Boise can offer these are some of the best reasons people are driven to live a life they can’t imagine living anywhere else rather than in Boise.

Boise preserved the historic heritage and the culture they inherit from the first people in Boise. The city government is very specific on how they took care of the city, involvement of the citizens on planning, decision making is one great right this city is offering.

Boise has been awarded as one of the best city to live in because of the Quality of Life it offers. The relaxing mood, next to nature, great climate, affordable cost of living and a safe place to live in! Boise Idaho has grown into a wonderful city rooted from its beginnings.


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